Sources of BAIKALSEA Company
Development of Lake Baikal began more than 25 mln. years ago. Diversity and abundance of the nature in Lake Baikal region enables us to produce mineral medicinal water Baikal Reserve at the foot of the Sayan mountains, natural water with unique properties Baikal Pearl, and deep water from Lake Baikal from depth of 430 meters.

Water of each brand offered by BAIKALSEA Company has its unique source, which is different from others by composition and properties

Hydrogeologists of BAIKALSEA Company supervise technological parameters of water production process and monitor its mineral composition at all sources. The company’s staff ensures full compliance with environmental and sanitary safety standards at water deposits. Water is produced from artesian wells at various depths and with different mineral composition.

Recommendations and features of water

Only still water
(Baikal cannot be carbonated). No use restrictions, the cleanest water in the world. Deep water is naturally saturated with oxygen

Only still
The water contains dissolved metasilicic acid, which promotes collagen synthesis in human body, a substance, which is vital for beauty and youth

Only still
The water meets all requirements to water for children, recommended for infants starting from birth

The water has medical indications for medicinal use according russian medical standard ГОСТ Р 54316-2011

Total mineralization g/l

ultralight mineralization, ultrafresh water

light mineralization

contains the entire range of m inerals essential to children

low mineralization

pH value




Water source

Researchers of Lake Baikal discovered that the layer in the depth range of 400 to 500 meters contains special relic pristine water with special properties. This layer never mixes with other layers and has constant composition and oxygen saturation.

Water BAIKAL430 featuring ultralight mineralization is produced from that layer at the depth of 430 m.

The most complicated hydrotechnical structure of the company is the BAIKAL430 deep water intake station in the settlement of Listvyanka