BAIKALSEA Company and RT-NEO Irkutsk launched a joint ESG project for waste recycling


BAIKALSEA Company and RT-NEO Irkutsk - the regional operator of municipal solid waste management, and the supplier of glass containers RUSJAM Managing Company LLC signed a trilateral agreement on waste management. The aim of the joint work of the companies is to organize a system of closed-cycle economy and the development of the concept of "zero waste".

BAIKALSEA Company, the largest producer of natural water, together with its supplier of glass bottles RUSJAM Managing Company LLC and RT-NEO Irkutsk - the regional operator of municipal solid waste management have developed a program, which provides not only disposal, but also recycling, i.e. returning the packaging back into production.

Materials such as plastic, cardboard, various packages, glass and aluminum will be recycled. As part of the agreement in March 2022 with the support of RT-NEO Irkutsk, BAIKALSEA Co. has already shipped the accumulated production waste glass to RUSJAM's plants in Ufa for recycling. BAIKALSEA Company received a batch of finished glass bottles in return for full recycling, which it plans to start producing bottled water. 

BAIKALSEA Company has been working for five years on the principle of "complete separation and collection of all waste in production" and expresses its gratitude to all companies of Irkutsk region, which have been participating in the recycling program for many years, and also to its material suppliers, who follow he principles of extended producer responsibility.

BAIKALSEA Company has long been implementing the principles of full waste recycling at all production sites, the company's employees support all processes, while no additional motivation, except responsibility for our Baikal and the nature is now needed. We are grateful to all our employees for the time and effort they spend on separate waste collection and other operations, we also welcome the efforts of all manufacturers and processors in the Irkutsk region, working with us and with other producers, as these examples are not scarce anymore" - said General Director of BAIKALSEA Company Ruslan Kokovin.

As Sergei Sidorov, General Director of RT-NEO Irkutsk, noted, "BAIKALSEA Company has become the first company in the Irkutsk region, which together with RT-NEO Irkutsk is moving towards full recycling, where effectively all waste generated at the plant will be recycled. We act as experts in this transaction. The now popular acronym pf ESG is not an abstract set of "optional" areas of business. Environmental, social and managerial responsibility of business to nature and society is already an important component of the economy. Only by working together can we preserve the nature of the region where we live and work. We are not going to stop at one agreement, and in the future, we plan to connect as many representatives of large businesses to ESG projects as possible. Together we plan to send for recycling not only glass but also cardboard, plastic, organic and other industrial waste.


BAIKALSEA Company is a Russian producer of Baikal water in the premium segment. The company's flagship brand is deep Baikal water "BAIKAL430". The company produces brands of water from artesian springs: natural water "Baikal Pearl" (BAIKAL PEARL), medicinal mineral water (BAIKAL RESERVE), as well as the Irkutsk region brand "Irkutsk mineral water". 

RT-NEO Irkutsk provides services of collection, transportation, disposal, utilization and recycling of solid municipal waste on the territory of Zone 2 "South" of Irkutsk region. The company received the status of a regional operator based on the results of a competitive selection, which resulted in an agreement with the Ministry of Housing Policy, Energy and Transport of the Irkutsk region from 28.04.2018 № 318 "On the organization of solid municipal waste management in the Irkutsk region (Zone 2)". 

RUSJAM Management Company LLC

Şişecam began to work in the Russian market of glassware production under the name of Rusjam with the establishment of the first company in 2002. By offering quality glass containers produced with the latest technology, Şişecam currently produces 1.2 million tons of glass containers per year and has a market share of about 30%, maintaining its leading position in its sector.